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The Steel Warehouse for Grain in KMEC Company

The history of steel warehouse for grain is not so long, the initial grain silo was produced at the beginning of 20th century. The generation time of steel warehouse for grain silo manufacture process were riveting silo, welding silo, assembly silo and screw biting silo. By the end of 1970s, almost all the other types of graing silo was replaced by steel warehouse for grain. In recent years, about 95% of grain store adopt steel warehouse. The steel warehouse for grain has the advantages of light weight, low requirement to base, short production period, small area occupied, labor saving and low cost. The steel warehouses for grain are cylindrical structures and also can be constructed in the form of silos, domes or large elongated bags. 
The civil work for grain steel warehouse construction rarely affected by season and weather, to ensure a good economical benefit getting faster for a company. The steel warehouse is a convenient and cheap way to store various grain, the diameters of steel warehouses for grain usually are 6-8 feet and the length can be adjusted. The other types grain silo has their own application. Sometimes the users can choose stainless steel silo as the grain warehouse. KMEC can provide different steel warehouse for grain according to the needs of consumers.
steel warehouse for grain
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