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The Features of Steel Structure Warehouse in KMEC

The steel structure warehouse in KMEC adopts advanced and reliable technology, the features of KMEC large scale steel silo are the followings:
The structure, shape and size of steel structure warehouse. The diameter of steel structure warehouse can be ranged according to the real demands of consumers, the warehouse body is cylinder, and the steel warehouse wall is welded by steel plate, the rational construction structure bring reliable bearing capacity for the dome of steel structure warehouse. The technical parameters is different for different seasons and geologic structure.
The material storage and volume weight also can be ranged according to the real demands of consumers. The traditional steel silo usually use naturally flow to discharge material, while, with the long time storage for the material easy to caking, the discharge rate of material will be lower. The steel structure warehouse can ensure 95% discharge rate. 
Steel structure warehouse has low gas consumption, this steel silo adopts gas stream, gas homogenization and gas discharge design concept. This steel structure warehouse design can save a lot of air resource.
The steel structure warehouse meet the environmental protection standard. The environmental protection is the main direction of society, so the green steel structure warehouse can meet the requirement of environmental protection.   
steel structure warehouse
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