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Grain Silo Classification in KMEC

There are many varieties of steel silo, KMEC always design and develop new type silos according to different purpose of consumers. Today we will talk about the grain silo classification. The grain silo classification is complicated. This article will introduce some types according to build material. 
1. Concrete grain silo. It is a traditional classification of grain silo. The diameter of China concrete grain silo generally is 6-8 meters. It is the best modern silo with relative high silo body. However, this warehouse-type has high cost, design and construction period is longer, construction method is divided into a cast-in-place, assembly and slip form construction. 
2. Brick grain silo. The silo body buid with bricks, in order to increase the strength, add reinforced concrete ring beam at intervals of 1.2 m -1.5 m, located warehouse roof in general use of prefabricated or cast cement. 
3. Grain steel silo. This silo classification is the common on in daily material storage.  Commonly used material of grain steel silo is galvanized iron, with the features of light weight, low cost, high degree of standardization, short construction period, a wide range of use, to facilitate mechanization and can be factory production. These are the three classifications of grain silo, consumers can choose any kind according to their own need.