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The Professional Steel Silo Suppliers in Industry

KMEC is one of the professional steel silo supplier in China who is specially engaged in steel silo research and manufacture. Since KMEC established, the steel warehouse supplied by KMEC has been sold all over the world. The structure principle of KMEC large scale steel silo differs from the traditional steel bins, and further different from other steel silo suppliers. KMEC steel silo adopted many advanced design concept and patent technology. The engineering scope includes foundation, warehouse part, gas homogenization discharging system and complete automation discharge control system. The features of storage warehouses provided by KMEC steel silo supplier are: large reserves, saving investment, short project time, small floor space and high automaticity. 

The international advanced technology has been used in steel bin of KMEC and brought large economic benefit and social benefits. As a steel warehouse supplier, KMEC made great efforts on new type steel silo research and development, the specialists in KMEC has been researched intelligent operating system to control the steel silos. It can detect and record the grain or cement level in the steel bin. The large scale steel bin in KMEC can not affected by geological conditions and can save lots of investment. The stainless steel silo supplied by KMEC is your best choice for storing powder material. 

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