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The Performance Features of Fabricated Steel Silo

The performance features of fabricated steel silo. All of steel plate used high quality hot dip galvanized sheet, all parts of fabricated steel silo are standardized structural elements and can be replaced, in the course of using, if the occurrence of damage or corrosion, it is convenient to replace damage parts of fabricated steel silo, and prolong the using life of the steel silo machine. In the steel silo design, manufacture, installation, use the process strictly follow the relevant national standards. The fabricated steel silo can be transformed, demolished, especially for rental space is ideal for users with quick installation, low investment characteristics. 
Steel silo height, diameter can be selected in a wide range, two steel warehouse positions space can be less than 80cm, small footprint and strong adaptability, this kind of warehouse maximum capacity can up to 17,000 t / warehouse, so there is absolute economic advantage for large refineries and terminals. 
In normal use, if the fabricated warehouse temperature rises to the critical point because of higher grain moisture content, the complete temperature measurement system will promptly sound and light alarm, to tell the users ventilation and cooling should be carried out. The fabricated steel silo diameter can choose between 2.7 ~ 32m. 
fabricated steel silo
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