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The High Quality China Steel Warehouse in KMEC

The food processing plants in the past usually used steel tube to sent grain. This would bring steel tube wear and dust pollution and other environmental problem. Every year these plants spent a lot of steel and caused dust explosion sometimes. So the high quality China steel warehouse is inevitable to be developed. And KMEC is one of the best steel warehouse manufacturers in China. Recently, KMEC has been engaged in research and development of high quality steel silo. In order to stably transport coal, cement, limestone, wheat, granulated sugar and other powder materials, the steel silo hopper, bunker and groove are all used UHMWPE material as liner. This material can improve the abrasion resistance of China steel warehouse by 7 to 10 times. And the environment can be improved, the noise pollution also can be reduced. 
The plate material of China steel silo in KMEC has the features of light weight, shock resistance, abrasion resistant, corrosion resistance, low frictional factor, inflaming retarding and antistatic performance. The China steel warehouse can be used to store many materials in cement, steel iron plant, grain, feed, drug industry, wharf and so on. China steel warehouse can avoid sticky material, accelerate baiting speed, and prevent blocking. The China steel silo can also save investment and cost. KMEC can provide cement silo, flat bottomed silo and so on.
China Steel Warehouse
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