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The Parameter of Large Scale Steel Bin

Many enterprises use large scale steel bin to store material, such as construction, chemical, food, large farm and son on. KMEC large scale steel bin is suitable for storing any bulk material and liquid material. Large storage steel silo are made of welded steel plate, the effective diameter is Φ30m, covers an area of more than 600㎡. The height of steel silo wall is 16m. This large scale steel bin can ensure the quality of cement. The cement is put in storage along the inclined plane continuously superimposed, make the different times of storage cement uniformly distribution. Before the cement delivery from large scale steel bin, alternately inflate to the silo through ring gasification tube at the end. In order to make the high-density deposition cement mix with gas until form fluidized state. Then the cement discharge from the steel bin, and enter into packaging warehouse or bulk trucks. Cement physical properties is basically the same before and after the store. The storage effect of KMEC large scale steel bin is ideal. 
KMEC large steel bin is produced with special structure and adopted international technology. This will be the ideal storage equipment for all kind of bulk materials. Please contact us if you are interested in our products.
large storage steel bin
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