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The Features of Cement Warehouse

There are different types of steel silos, each silo has different features to meet different customer needs. Here will introduce the characteristics of cement warehouse. KMEC specialized in producing various steel warehouse, especially cement warehouse. This kind of cement silo has the features of short construction time, and the floor ares is small, easy to removal and rebuilding. The body of cement warehouse has light dead load. The construction cost is lower than other silos. The total construction investment of cement warehouse(include the foundation cost) is lower. The construction material of cement silo can be saved and the purposes is wide.
This new type cement warehouse in KMEC has good seal performance, good shock resistance, typhoon resistance and earthquake resistance. The site casting work is complicated and with high requirement. The maintenance cost is low and easy to maintain. The cement warehouse is little affected by climate change and sunlight. In the past statistical number, the powder explosion accidents times is less than the traditional steel silos. 
The above are the features of cement warehouse, this will make the consumers understand more about KMEC steel silos. And that is why most consumers would like to choose KMEC cement warehouse and other steel silos.  
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