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The Large Steel Structure Silo Components

KMEC accepted many patent and foreign advanced technology to develop new large steel structure silo. After years of research and deep summary, the specialists developed high tech steel structure silo. This new type steel silo can solve the problems of material harden and uniformity sedimentation, the material homogenization before discharging, low level discharge, completely discharge and dust discharge has been solved, the large steel structure silo components include silo top, silo wall and silo bottom.
1. The silo top of large steel structure silo, the silo bottom and steel silo is welded to connect.
2. Steel wall plate of large steel structure silo wall thickness ranging from welded steel plate, steel plate welded junction and the steel silo wall is cylindrical.   
3. The bottom plate of steel silo, there are two design pattern warehouse, from 10thousand to 30thousand tons of steel structure for steel silo at the end of cone-shaped structure; from 50 thousand to 200thousand tons of steel multi-ring steel silo conical top.  
KMEC large steel structure silo has been exported to many foreign countries, and are trusted by all consumers. KMEC welcome the steel silo buyers to consult any question about large steel structure silos. Our specialists will be happy to solve your questions and help you to buy the high quality steel silo machines.