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KMEC Steel Silo Engineering in China

KMEC is a steel silo engineering company in China, Over the years, KMEC always insists advance with the times, extension and innovation, KMEC has grown to become a professional company who is engaged in steel silo engineering construction and supporting mechanical and electrical equipments, steel construction, corrosion and heat prevention, engineering design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the joint-stock warehouse engineering, its products are widely used in bulk cement, grain, feed, brewing, building materials, food, chemical, light industry, environmental protection and other storage engineering. Tthe cement silo is used for storing cement.
To face China's accession to the WTO and the challenges of the world's advanced technology, KMEC company take advatages of advanced storage technology and equipment, in strict accordance with international standards (ISO) for construction, has contracted a number of high-quality and high standard of steel silo engineerings. 
KMEC has established a good working relationship wiht the design institute and bulk cement companies, gave a positive response to the national development of green environmental protection requirements, combined the high-tech and new type storage technology and applied to production, to make the steel silo engineerings more suitable for users requirements. The KMEC steel silo engineering adopts advanced and new "high light cold porcelain" anti-corrosion technology, the processed steel silo with various colors, novel style and long life characteristics. 

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