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The Technical Matters of Steel Silo Machine

The silo blasting or collapse of steel silo machine are two technical matters, the blasting of steel silo machine is caused by design defect or jerry-build.  This will cause unbalanced mechanical structure to steel silo machine. The collapse of steel silo machine mainly because the base has problems. The base problem can cause steel silo machine incline, lead to the parts of steel silo machine body structure to stand forces exceeding the design limits, the inner material break through the steel silo wall and finally cause steel silo blasting. The steel silo machine collapse is the base problem or the steel silo you bought has serious quality problem. In steel silo machine industry, many steel silo company use poor quality steel material to make of steel silo machine. Using low price steel silo to attract consumers. Some steel silo machine buyers do not know much information about steel silo, the buyers known that until the steel silo machine appeared blasting or incline problems. 
The service life of steel silo machine has different solutions according to the different purposes and have different programs. Generally from 20 to 50 years. From the technical angle, the service life of KMEC steel silo machine is longer than others, for its special structure design. The new steel silo machine in KMEC combined international advanced technology to meet the requirement of most consumers. The KMEC steel silo machine fused the technical characters of steel warehouse and steel silos. So the safety is better than others.
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