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The Features of Steel Bin for Grain

The steel bin for grain in KMEC is produce trough special equipment. The building material is stainless steel plate with high quality. So the steel bin for grain has many advantages. Here are some features of grain silos.
1. The construction period of steel bin for grain is short and the cost is low. The spiral seaming grain silo can be constructed directly without scaffolding and other assistance equipment. So the construction period is shorter than other steel silos. The weight of steel bin for grain is lighter than concrete silo with same volume, this greatly reduced the construction cost. This kind of steel silo also can be used in chemical and environmental protection industry. The building material has high corrosion resistance. 
2. The floor space of steel bin for grain is small and easy to manage. The steel silo for grain is differ from other steel silos, the height and diameter can be adjusted in any scope. The grain silo in KMEC equipped with temperature measure device and material level device, with high automaticity, it is convenient to be managed. 
3. The steel bin for grain can take full use advantages of space. So it can save a lot of space. This feature may help you to choose high quality steel bin for grain. 
steel bin for grain
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