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Steel Silo for Cement Has Obvious Superiority

Compared with traditional concrete steel silo, the steel silo for cement produced by KMEC has obvious superiority in many aspects. In the following, KMEC expert will introduce some superiorities for users and buyer.
The steel silo for cement has good performance and long using time. The steel silo for cement is built by special equipment in the construction process. The out wall of cement steel silo is thicker than building material, this greatly enhanced the carring capacity of steel silo for cement. So the overall strength, stability and antiknock characteristic of cement silo are better than other steel silos. Further more, cement silo uses the best plate matching according to the stored material request on corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The average using life of steel silo for cement can up to 30-40years, this greatly exceed other steel silos.
The steel silo for cement has better air seal performance and wider use. Steel silo for cement uses special equipment as to be bended and seamed, in the process to ensurethe quality of any part of the body positions, so it is particularly good seal, you can store the cement, fly ash, slag fine powder and other bulk material, the cement steel silo is widely used in building materials industry. Such as cement plants, power plants, grinding plants. 
steel silo for cement
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