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The Brief Introduction of Spiral Steel Silo Machine

The special equipment spiral steel silo machine consists of load bearing rack, uncoiler, bar folder, moulding machine. In the process of construction, the rolling plate is made to geometric configuration as needed by the moulding machine, then through the bending machine to bend, seam and surround the spiral steel silo machine. This can increase the strength of spiral steel silo structure. And make a positive effect for the reliability of steel silo and prolong the using life of silo machine. KMEC spiral steel silo machine can be selected with wide range of diameter and height.  
The spiral steel silo machine with special construction method and can be built with different material. The spiral steel silo machine also can be realized two-layer bending construction. Compared with the traditional cement silo, the spiral steel silo machine has obvious advantages, with good overall performance and long suing life. 
KMEC spiral steel silo machine was updated into scientific management based on computer intellectualization control. The spiral steel silo machine has the features of large storage and discharge volume and good performance. The material enter and out of the steel silo machine can be automatically controlled by computer system. The material quality and distribution can be adjusted to the best point. 
spiral steel silo machine
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