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Building Theory of Cement Silo Machine

The cement silo machine can store above ten thousand tons of cement. The cement silo wall is welded by using steel plate. The top of cement silo machine is semi-circle shape, the different strength of setting material can form no beam structural stress, this kind of structural stress can up to large area cover. The bottom of cement silo machine adopts the face force float principle, the design parameter of cement silos are different under different weather conditions and geologic structures. The traditional cement silo machine use gas force transportation, but the transportation efficiency is low, and power consumption is relatively high. Overmuch gas will cause dust discharge. KMEC cement silo machine has obvious energy saving efficiency. The large scale steel silo is sealed, the inside positive pressure increased cement precipitation density, and then increased the storage capacity of cement silo machine. As well as saved transportation consumption and maintenance cost. 
Cement silo machine in KMEC use computer control technology, this system can detect the flow speed, temperature, moisture, pressure, material level, storage capacity automatically. KMEC cement silo has high quality and equipped with complete auxiliary equipments. Please let us know if you are interested in our cement silo machine.
cement silo machine
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