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The Bolted Steel Silo in KMEC

The bolted steel silo in KMEC adopts the international advanced technology to be developed. Bolted steel silo is widely used in grain and oil, chemical, brewing, medicine, food, cement, coal and other industries.the bolted steel silos in KMEC are exported many foreign countries and regions. The consumers gave high appraise of KMEC bolted steel silo. The bolted steel silo is composed of silo top, silo wall, reinforcing rib, high strength bolts set and aviation plaster.
The top of bolted steel silo equipped with natural ventilation hole, the cover plate is made of hot galvanizing steel plates. The special structure ensured the bolted steel silo has the feature of seal and rain proof. The steel silo wall also be made of high quality hot galvanized steel plates. The joint of bolted steel silo is connected by high strength bolts. And is sealed by the aviation sealing adhesive tape. This ensured the strength of bolted steel silo. In order to enhance the reliability of bolted steel silo, the steel warehouse inside is installed reinforcing rib, the reinforcing rib use Z-type steel structure, the reinforcing rib and silo wall are connected by high strength bolts. The above is the function and structure introduction to bolted steel silo, KMEC hopes this information is helpful for you. If you have any question about bolted steel warehouse, please contact us.
bolted steel silo
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