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The Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Silo And Steel Silo

The steel silo is made of thin walled steel plate, it includes lipp steel silo and fabricated steel silo, It is on the basis of the introduction of foreign modern advanced technology, after the production and application of practice, and produced by the special equipment. 
Reinforced concrete silo started early, has a more mature design, construction technology and experience, but with the development and the improvement of grain storage requirements, its own defects has become increasingly evident, and will gradually be replaced by the steel plate silo. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's grain trade, , major ports along the coast have invested the construction of specialized grain silo in order to compete to seize a favorable position in the market. 
Reinforced concrete silo has an early start, the application in the industry for decades, this kind of silo has a sophisticated design, superb construction technology and a wealth of practical experience. While the steel silo is the product that used modern technology from abroad, in recent years, the steel silo has been seized part of the reinforced concrete warehouse market.  
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