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The Rust Removal Method of Stainless Steel Bin

When the stainless steel bin used for a long time or misemploy in the storage process. The stainless steel bin can also get rust sometimes. How to remove the rust is important to prolong the using time of stainless steel bin and other steel silos. Today KMEC specialist will introduce some rust removal method of stainless steel bin. 
1. The small size pneumatic or electric rust removal device. This device use electric or compressed are as motive power, equipped with suitable rust removal device to do alternating motion or rotary motion. This is a common method to remove rust of stainless steel bins. This device can be used on any part of stainless steel bins for its lightweight and small size.
2. Shot blasting rust removal method. This method is mainly use particle to shot the rust surface of stainless steel bin, this device includes opening type shot blasting, seal type shot blasting and vacuum shot blasting. The opening type is generally used, it can thoroughly clean the rust and impurity on the surface of stainless steel silo and other steel warehouses. While in recent years, this method was limited use for environmental protection.
KMEC hopes this two method will help you to remove the stainless steel bin rust in the use process. Welcome to consult our products if you have any interests. 
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