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Steel Cement Silo Development And Features

The steel cement silo began in 1930s, the initial phase of the silo is riveting. Mainly use 6 ~ 10mm steel plate riveted, it is very strong. The second storage of steel cement silo is welded type. People used 4-10mm steel plate construct steel silo. This cement silo has good performance of seal, strong strength and thick wall. The using life of welded steel cement silo can up to 50-80years. The three stage of steel silo development is thin wall silo. In 1950s, this kind of steel silo was produced to adapt to bulk grain transportation. The common silos are bolt fabricated silo and corrugated steel silo, this kind of steel silo has the features of light weight, convenient assembly, cheap, and mechanization, high degree of automation and high efficiency. 
The steel cement silo is equipped with corresponding improved technology and complete supporting work, such as mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, automation systems, detection devices, monitoring devices and technical services. Machinery equipments include: transportation machinery, weighing machinery, cleaning machinery, ventilation, mechanical, and custody of equipment. With the above machinery and equipment, steel cement silo will be able to complete the task in the process. KMEC steel cement silo is your ideal choice for cement storage and other bulk materials.
steel cement silo
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