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KMEC Specially Builds Steel Bin Engineering

KMEC developed the fourth generation large steel bin engineering on the basis of the third generation steel silo, the new type steel bin is adopted intelligent computer control technology. This computer control device can automatically inspect the flow velocity, temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, material level, stock and many other inventory elements. This steel bin engineering can realize free enter and out material under the circumstance of no one control. The material enter and out of the steel bin engineering can be automatically controlled by main computer engine. The material quality and distribution can be adjusted to the best point. 
The KMEC steel bin engineering was updated into scientific management based on computer intellectualization control. The large steel silo engineering has the features of large storage and discharge volume, good performance of gas homogenization, high delivery rate, low gas consumption rate, convenient maintenance. This steel bin engineering can save manual operation, improve silo management quality and high efficiently use society resource. Computer control realized the material enter and out of steel silo without any one. The fourth steel bin engineering attracted many consumers with its features above. Welcome to contact us to ask any information about all kinds of steel silos, such as grain silo, cement silo and so on.
steel bin engineering
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