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The Large Scale Hopper Bottom Silo in Cement Industry

KMEC large scale hopper bottom silo has new breakthrough in cement industry. There are nearly 30 hopper bottom silos have been constructed by KMEC company in Changchun, Jilin and other provinces in China. The scale of hopper bottom silo produced by KMECin cement industry ranked the first place in domestic. The cement storage is very important for many industries, such as building material, medical, water and electric power, construction industry and son on. Especially in winter, the market demand in slack season, cement storage became more important. So the demand for hopper bottom silos increased greatly, as well as other steel silos, such as stainless steel silo, welded steel silo and so on. 
KMEC based on introduction of storage experience in cement industries in domestic and abroad, upgraded the traditional storage equipment and optimized the structure of steel silo to produced the hopper bottomed silos, which adopted the new silo body design conception. The advantages of hopper bottom silo are obvious, the cement quality can be kept for a long time and storage capacity is large. The seal effect is perfect and prevent the cement clotting. The hopper bottom silo in KMEC has been change the condition of demand exceeds supply in cement industry. 
hopper bottom silo
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