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The High Quality Corrugated Steel Silo in KMEC

KMEC produce steel silos with various specifications, such as fabricated, galvanized and corrugated steel silo, Two plate double interlayer heat preservation steel silo. The high quality corrugated steel silo manufacture equipment is advanced, with rational craft, reliable installation quality. The corrugated steel silo ancillary equipments are empty and full testing system, temperature testing system, ventilation system and circulation fumigation system. The corrugated steel silo can be equipped with transportation equipment, cleaning device and dedusting equipment. KMEC can provide coordinated service of installing and manufacturing various steel silos, especially the high quality corrugated steel silo. The corrugated steel silo has the features of reasonable price, perfect equipment and good reputation from our consumers. The steel silo products are all over the world, mainly exported to Europe, America and Africa more than 100 countries. 
The corrugated steel silo can effectively control temperature and moisture inside, and prevent grain deteriorate. The corrugated steel silo used for grain can keep balance of grain temperature. The corrugated steel silo used for cement can prevent the cement caking. It is convenient for users to store any kind of bulk materials by using corrugated steel silos. KMEC also provides flat bottomed steel silo, welded steel silo, hopper steel silo, stainless steel silo to meet different needs of consumers.
corrugated steel silo
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