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KMEC Won The Bidding of Large Storage Steel Silo Engineering

We learnt an event from KMEC company about the large storage steel silo, the responsible person in KMEC said, in January10, KMEC won the bidding of large storage steel silo engineering-10,000 square metres coal ash steel silo construction. The height and diameter of the large storage steel silo are the biggest in KMEC so far. The large storage steel silo equipped with dust-cleaning plant on the top end to dust leaking and environmental pollution. The large storage steel silo also equipped with material level sensing system, which can show the position and quantity of the materials. The level sensing system is convenient for operators to know the storage condition at any time. At the bottom of this large storage steel silo, there is a hole device which can get rid of material caking and make the powder discharged more smoothly.   
It is understood that, KMEC large storage steel silo has obtained a patent. The large storage steel silo machine in KMEC has been detected by the authority experts. The testing report showed that, the quality of large scale steel silo exactly match the international standard. KMEC won the bidding of large storage steel silo is the biggest news in january. This encouraged all workers of KMEC to produce more steel silos, such as stainless steel silo, grain silos, cement silo and so on.
large storage steel silo
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