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KMEC Welded Steel Silo Entered Cement Industry

KMEC company produced welded steel silo with good cost performance and advanced technology superiority. The high quality welded steel silos has been entered into large industrial enterprises to store coal ash, cement, slag and other bulk materials. The welded steel silo also can be used in water and electric power and steel industry. KMEC has been achieved great reputation in many industries. KMEC is one of the greatest steel silo manufacturers in China, and specialized in manufacture, research and development of various steel silos, such as welded steel silo, stainless steel silo, hopper bottomed steel silo and so on. 
The KMEC large scale welded steel silo can be used to store all kind of bulk materials. The structure principle is differ from other traditional cement silos, this welded steel silo is developed by new design concept. This welded steel silo adopts patent technology and has the features of large reserves, low investment cost, short project time, small floor ares and high automation. 
The welded steel silo includes foundation civil work, silo body, discharging system and full automation discharge control system. The welded steel silo has obvious technical advantages which can help the enterprises to realize energy saving and emission reduction. Taking cement industry for example, the dust discharge is greatly reduced. The welded steel silo will be your best choice for storage.
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