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Cement Steel Silo Affected by Cement Technical Features

 Cement silo is the equipment to store cement material. And the cement technical features will affect the steel silo. The quality of cement is depend on the cement technical features. 
1. Fineness. The fineness refers to the  the extent of the thickness of the cement particles, which have a great impact on the nature of the cement. The more fine particles, the cement hydration reaction is the faster and more complete, both early strength and late strength are higher. But the hardening and contraction in the air is serious and higher cost. So it is necessary to store in cement steel silos. The cement particles too coarse is not conducive to the cement activity.Cement particle size is 0.007 ~ 0.2mm range.2. Time of coagulation. Setting time of cement is important for construction. 
2. In order to ensure there is sufficient processing time, and meet the operational requirements in the construction, usually require that the initial setting time of cement should not be premature and final setting time should not be too late. Otherwise the unqualified cement is not be allowed to use. KMEC cement steel silo can ensure the quality of cement.
KMEC is a steel silo manufacturer which provide high quality cement steel silos for our consumers.
cement steel silo
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